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Volunteering at Jubilee- 9/25/11

Posted on October 1, 2011 by in Activities, Announcements, Product

On the last Sunday of every month St. Andrews Episcopal Church holds its monthly feast- a “Jubilee Dinner” as one of its ongoing food ministry programs. It feeds approximately 100 meals to economically vulnerable and under-served families. It’s such a wonderful event and we thought this might be a good chance for us to make a difference after our discussion with the Rector, Rev. Dr. Peter Strimer. With short notice, we worked feverishly around the clock to make sure we had enough pears for the meal.

We hand peeled, sliced, and cleaned hundreds of pounds of fruit! It was great fun but my back hurts just thinking about it! In the end we donated over 60lbs of Asian pears to the event. The pears were served in an incredible desert of Baklava, chopped nuts and vanilla yogurt. The response was immediate–everyone loved how the fresh crisp pears complemented the sugary treat! Being able to divert fruit from the waste stream and provide fresh, organic locally-grown and harvested high quality fruits really made us feel good. We found that amplifying the social-justice food ministry of the church is an excellent example of how partnerships for utilizing the resources that surround us creates real change. 9/25/11

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