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Welcome to our Laboratory

Posted on October 2, 2011 by in Product

I have always been a huge fan of the show¬†America’s Test Kitchen¬†that airs on public television. I think what I like about it most is that there is a process behind every step they take and they are always tweaking it until they get it just right. It’s very scientific which results in the perfect recipe at the end. As licensed food handlers in this field of study we do the same. So, we welcome you into our lab (kitchen) with a few pictures.

Asian pears from City Fruit

Bartlett pears City Fruit

Bartlett pears City Fruit

Apple from City Fruit

Apple from City Fruit

Naturally occurring ascorbic acid, otherwise known as vitamin C. In a pinch you can grind up vitamin C tablets and it has the same affect of inhibiting discoloration from oxidation.

Prepped Bartlett pears

On the left is shown Bartlett pears dipped in a local honey and organic, hand-picked by us, pureed blackberry emulsion. On the right is Bartlett without dip. The pink plastic marker was to remind me that the dipped pears below were at a different stage of development. This helped me determine what is optimal for maximum caramelizing.

Pears in blackberry puree: the main reason we tried this is because some pears will not ripen before they start to rot. Therefore we developed this recipe for less-ripened pears. It turned out to be very yummy.

This is the Bartlett pear's progression of perfection. Right now, we have developed an excellent product (far right)! Were able to go from the far left which was less than appetizing and move to a process that we do not tinker with.

Nope, not bacon! It is banana dipped in an organic strawberry puree. The bananas are rather sweet which is good but this is just a different take on it. We found that the strawberry added a bit of tang to balance out the sweetness. We really like it. Definitely not your grocery store dried bananas!


We hope you have enjoyed your tour, come again soon!

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