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Posted on October 9, 2011 by in Announcements

6 days ago an article was written featuring Pro-Use Produce and our friends at City Fruit! The article was published on the popular website The Examiner. The writer of the excellently written article is Scott Taylor and is titled: Sesame Street tackles food insecurity; innovative local company feeds with fruit.
In the article Scott discusses the popular television show Sesame Street’s recent introduction (Saturday) of a new character, Lilly. Lilly’s character is presented as coming from a “low-income food insecure household”. Scott does an excellent job of illustrating how real the issue of hunger is, especially in America and Seattle communities. Scott shares upsetting statistics like: “Over 20% of households with children experienced food insecurity which means over 16 million children or almost 23%”. Scott explains the importance of “self-sustaining non-profits” and the ever increasing role they must play in “building a society where people don’t go wanting for basic needs.”

Scott is an excellent writer who engages real issues. Please look at other articles he has published and I am sure you will share our adoration! We are very grateful to Scott for showcasing the work that we are doing and how it fits into the larger issues of food insecurity and injustice in America. We hope you enjoy the article, please contact us if you have any questions and/or interests in the work we are doing. Article link

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